Children's Program

Annual Gathering 2017 at Laurelville

Children’s Program

Annual Gathering 2017

The Annual Gathering is a family-friendly event!

In continuing an ongoing tradition for Annual Gatherings, a Children’s Program is provided with care and activities for ages 0-12 during all plenary and workshop sessions. As much as possible, programming is tailored to the children registered, so it is very helpful if families register early!

Parents are asked to please be sure to indicate allergies, disabilities, or any other accommodations needed for your children as you correspond with coordinators and the MHF Office.  Special instructions will be sent.  We want to provide a welcoming atmosphere for all!

MHF is pleased to welcome Theresa Wolf back as Children’s Program Coordinator.  Theresa coordinated the program for Annual Gathering 2014.  Joining her is Trista Holdsworth as Children’s Program Assistant. See the bios below.

All Children’s Program staff will have a Pennsylvania background check to ensure the safety of all.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the MHF Office.

Children’s Program Curriculum Description

Children will have the chance to dig into God’s Word during our weekend together! We will spend our time with Micah 6:8 and find out more about who God is, how God loves us, and what He has done that causes us to want to love and please Him! What are God’s desires? What is right according to God? What is mercy? How do we walk humbly–putting God first, others second, and ourselves third? Finally, what does it mean to be WITH GOD? What’s the difference between being good and being good with God? Why should we only care what God thinks and not what the world thinks?

We will explore the answers to these questions through music, art, outdoor exploration, and games.

If your child has a Bible, please bring it to camp!

Children’s Program Staff


Theresa Wolf — Children’s Program Coordinator

Theresa WolfTheresa serves as a Youth Leader at Kaufman Mennonite Church in Davidsville, PA and also serves on the Staff of Somerset County Head Start Pre-School in Davidsville. Theresa loves to cook and bake, and God has placed in her the passion to teach young people and parents to prepare healthy, nourishing, great-tasting meals within a budget. Theresa loves the Bible and is especially interested in teaching young people to write God’s word on their hearts. She also has a passion for the persecuted church worldwide and spends much time in prayer, learning, and sharing about our brothers and sisters suffering for the cause of Jesus. Rob, Theresa’s husband, serves as a pastor of Pleasant Hill Church of the Brethren, in Johnstown, PA and you can often find her there helping in the kitchen as well!


Trista Holdsworth — Children’s Program Assistant

Trista HoldsworthTrista serves as a Children’s Ministries Coordinator at New Day, a Christian ministry to youth and families of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. She also serves as a volunteer assistant at Kaufman Mennonite Church in Youth Ministries in Davidsville, Pennsylvania. Her long-term goal is to lead a Christian Daycare and Pre-school for underserved children and families in the Western Pennsylvania region. To that end, she will attend Montana Wilderness School of the Bible beginning in August 2017 to study God’s Word and further develop her foundation in Christian apologetics.

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